4 Best Historical Fiction Mystery Thriller To Creep You Out

historical fiction mystery thriller

Who doesn’t love to read historical fiction mystery thriller? We all do. But if you think for a while, we humans are pretty funny. We choose creepy and haunting books so that they can scare us at night. 

To make this easier, in this article you will find the top historical fiction mystery thriller to read before getting to your bed.

Historical Fiction Mystery Thriller Books To Read 

As we said when we look out for historical fiction mystery thriller we don’t want some mediocre scare. We want something that can save death us and for we have collected some best books with the best storyline. Let’s uncover them.

  • The Poison Bed written by Elizebeth Fremantle

Elizabeth Fremantle gives readers an amazing, thoroughly researched historical fiction mystery thriller look at a bizarre murder that occurred in King James I’s court—a true unsolved murder case involving one of James’s brightest young men. Robert Carr and Frances Howard make an effort to reassure the doubtful king of their allegiance. Who was the actual criminal? Who stands to lose the most? 

  • The Dead Can’t Wait written by Robert Ryan

The central figure of this book is Dr. John Watson, a well-known literary figure who appears in all of the Sherlock Holmes stories. Dr. John Watson is an expert investigator and skilled soldier. The events of World War I are integral to the historical mystery thriller The Dead Can’t-Wait. After a routine training exercise, a strike that injures and kills nearly eight soldiers sets off the plot. There is one remaining survivor of this catastrophe, and he is scared to talk. Everyone is aware that only Dr. Johnson Watson can put an end to this turmoil.

  • The Alienist written by Caleb Carr

This is a must-read for any follower of the historical thriller genre. known as a celestial stone of the genre. Dr. Laszlo Kreizler, a psychologist and “alienist,” enlists the aid of newspaper writer John Schuyler Moore in 1896 New York Cityto solve the murder and mutilation of a small boy on the Williamsburg bridge. Afterwards, THE ALIENIST closely examines historical criminology and builds a psychological portrait of a sick killer. Following the context of the Gilded Age, Carr wonderfully conveys the tension and mystery. This atmospheric thriller is excellent.

  • The Doll Factory Written by Elizabeth Macneal 

If you are a historical fiction mystery thriller fan, you must love the victorian era and its ghosts. The Doll Factory follows the same period. The character of THE DOLL FACTORY is Iris, a striving artist who meets Silas accidentally. When Iris is granted the chance to model and study painting under Louis Frost, a dream come true, she forgets about him. Of course, Silas hasn’t forgotten about Iris, and his fixation with her becomes sinister. 

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