Best Novels to read in the genre of New Adult College

new adult college

The books with new adult college themes are extensive works of fiction with a romantic subject. According to the Romance Writers Society, developing a love relationship between two people is essential to be the primary theme of a new adult college. Another criterion for a new adult college book is that it must have an emotional arc and a happy conclusion.

Some books about new adult college are pure and wholesome, while others are passionate and kinky. Others are set in the past or a fantasy world, while some are placed in the present.

Whatever your preferences, you’re bound to find new adult college books you’ll enjoy. Why not retreat into a world of love by curling up with a good book?

Three best New Adult College novels to read

You’ll fall head over heels for the top new adult college novels to read in 2022! Below are a few of our recommendations:

  • Trouble written by Samantha Towle

Plot Depicts the main character Mia Manroe who is running away from someone she doesn’t want to ever come across her. She is escaping a past she never wants anybody to know. Desperate to discover a future that she could only previously imagine.

On the other hand, Jordan Matthews prefers simplicity. Simple women easy life

He later meets Mia.

She is fragile, troubled, and carries more grief than anyone could possibly handle. But as Jordan gets to know Mia better—for the first time in his life—he discovers that he wants to work particularly hard for something, for someone, or for her.

  • In this Moment written by Autum Doughton

Aimee Spencer learns the hard way that certain decisions cannot be changed, undone, or replayed. Aimee has been avoiding people ever since her life ruined a year ago. She is reluctant to feel. She is leading a life that has changed beyond recognition in an effort to bury the demons that haunt her.

Cole Everly is a golden boy with an arrogant smile and a corresponding attitude. Things turn around when Aimee trips and actually falls into his lap one day. Following to this, both fell in love with beach other. 

Aimee and Cole struggle to make sense of the blurry limits between love and loss in this transparent and compelling story. In the end, in order  to hold on to the future and each other, they will get through the ashes of the past.

  • A Wish For Us written by Tillie Cole

The protagonist of the story is Cromwell Dean, a rising figure in electronic dance music. He is adored by thousands of people for what he is doing. He is unknown, though. Nobody can tell what colourhe has in his heart.

Until Bonnie shows up in the narrative. She can see through the barriers he has set up to the emptiness and the dark.

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