Captivating Best History Mystery books: Which book to read?

best history mystery book

History is full of mysteries that have yet to be solved. As readers, we always look for the next great best history mystery book to solve. That’s why we are listing together why history mystery books are so compelling and which ones you should read this year.

The characteristic of the best history mystery books is they will take you on a journey through time. In these books, you will unearth the secrets of the past and uncover hidden truths. From ancient civilizations to World War II, there is something for everyone on this list. So grab a cup of coffee and get ready to unravel why these books are so captivating.

Why are some of the best history mystery books so intriguing?

Since they help us solve the riddles of the past, the reason why the best history mystery books are so interesting. They take us on a historical voyage where we can explore many dimensions of diversity.

We might also try to understand the mysteries that have confused historians for years. Reading historical mysteries, we can learn more about our world and how we fit into it.

Let’s explore some of the best history mystery books.

List Of Best History Mystery Books

You’ll fall head over heels for the best history mystery books to read in 2022! We’ve included a few of our picks below:

  • The Lost Apothecary

Book by Sarah Penner

A peculiar kind of client is serving by a hidden apothecary shop in the depths of eighteenth-century London. However, the apothecary’s future is in jeopardy. Idle historian Caroline Parcewell spends her tenth anniversary away from her family in London in the 21st century. Hurriedly, she enters the code and turns on the shop’s helical screw.

  • Death at Greenway

A novel by Lori Rader-Day

After a lengthy journey to Holland, Bridey is tired and sad over being let go. Additionally, Bridey Kelly was worn out following a long trip to Holland. She recently lost her job, which has left her in a terrible situation.

Greenway is a lovely house full of mysteries, with fascinating objects that must not be handled. The other nurse, Gigi, is unlike anyone Bridey has ever encountered. Furthermore, the story depicts Bridey’s fear when she learns that a body that washes ashore is not a war victim but a victim of a horrible murder.

  • Palace of the drowned

A novel by Christine Mangan

The novel opens with Francis Croy spending the winter in Venice and struggling to recreate the poignant closeness of her earlier writing. Instead, she can only produce formulaic draughts that are promptly thrown away. She meets the younger Gilly while on her journey. Still wearing cigarette slacks from the 1950s, Francis realizes her time in the sun may end. A clash between the women and their various eras that represents all the divisions of the mid-sixties looms as the two grow closer, and the weather in Venice goes from terrible to lethal.

  • The Monsters of Chavez Revine 

A novel by Debra Gataneda

The plot opens in 1952 when corporate thugs and city planners evict the Latinx community from Los Angeles. The remaining citizens must band together to repel an extraterrestrial threat that is all too susceptible to this world’s technology. You’ll find yourself supporting the book’s protagonists and admiring its unique historical backdrop. This history mystery book ends with the highest rank on our list. 

  • The Tuscan Child

A novel by Rhys Bowen

Hugo Langley, a British bomber pilot, jumped from his downed aircraft in 1944 and landed in Tuscany. Back then, The German forces were ruling the area of Tuscany. After suffering severe injuries, he sought safety in Sofia Bartoli’s arms in a disused convent. But unrecoverable treachery shattered the love that had blossomed between them.

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