Best Novels to read in the genre of New Adult College

The books with new adult college themes are extensive works of fiction with a romantic subject. According to the Romance Writers Society, developing a love relationship between two people is essential to be the primary theme of a new adult college. Another criterion for a new adult college book is that it must have an […]

How to write a compelling British Historical Fiction Story: Tips to engage your readers

While reading a British Historical Fiction book, we always question how authors write such a story. How engaging words and lines do they use? The solution is not as essential as most of us assume. Let’s discover how they do it and the secret to writing fantastic British Historical Fictions. But before shifting your sight, […]

4 Best Historical Fiction Mystery Thriller To Creep You Out

Who doesn’t love to read historical fiction mystery thriller? We all do. But if you think for a while, we humans are pretty funny. We choose creepy and haunting books so that they can scare us at night.  To make this easier, in this article you will find the top historical fiction mystery thriller to […]

Captivating Best History Mystery books: Which book to read?

History is full of mysteries that have yet to be solved. As readers, we always look for the next great best history mystery book to solve. That’s why we are listing together why history mystery books are so compelling and which ones you should read this year. The characteristic of the best history mystery books […]

Best 3 College Romance Books to read in 2022

College romance books are long works of narrative with a romance theme. According to the Romance Writers of America, the growth of a romantic relationship between two individuals must be the main subject of College romance books. Another requirement for a romance book is that it must follow an emotional gradient and culminate in a […]

Who is Margaret Bennett: The life of a Scottish Writer

The Scottish author Margaret Bennett is an Irish descent, but her mother’s side is Scottish. Margaret was born and grown in Skye, which covers most of the Scottish islands. She was brought up in the Gaelic culture with three siblings. In their household, singing, writing, and story writing were the way of life. In 1965 […]

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