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Who is Margaret Bennett: The life of a Scottish Writer

The Scottish author Margaret Bennett is an Irish descent, but her mother’s side is Scottish. Margaret was born and grown in Skye, which covers most of the Scottish islands. She was brought up in the Gaelic culture with three siblings. In their household, singing, writing, and story writing were the way of life.

In 1965 Margaret Bennett visited her Father, who worked as a Civil Engineer in Canada. Halbert Harpert, an American anthropologist, guided her there. She soon believed that tale writing, which was encouraged in her family, could lead to a profession. 

Educational Background of Margret Bennett

Margaret Bennett started her training in teaching and completed it with good grades in Scotland. Following her completion, Margaret returned to Canada. There she started her career and was on the verge of entering the prime of her life. 

Soon she got her job at St. John’s as an elementary school teacher. In 1968 Margaret quit her job to complete her studies. Along with her degree program, she was also teaching simultaneously at St. John’s Vocational College. Margaret went to the Museum of Man after the completion of her studies. She worked as a folklorist there and returned to her homeland after living a year in Quebec. 

From 1977 through 1995, she worked for various colleges and departments. Since then, Margaret has been working for the University of Glasgow.

Books by Margaret Bennett

Margaret Bennett started writing books in the year of 2012. Her written pieces reflect that she wants her reader not to be carried away by boredom. How she uses her wit and humor in the romance genre revolving around the regency era is something to applaud. To understand it in a better way, let’s talk about her most famous novels.

  • The Impossible Governess

Due to the character’s (Georgeanne) attractiveness and aristocratic upbringing, she has worked for three different companies in the past four months. Her beauty, considered ideal, has made her life miserable. The five-year-old niece of Lord Raynor, an orphan who is grumpy and prone to tantrums, is her last remaining hope. Right now, besides responding to her aristocratic boss, Georgeanne’s biggest struggle is avoiding falling in love with him. According to some readers, this story has made them adore romantic stories once again.

  • The Earl and the Merchant’s Daughter

The story starts when Lucy Swinton travels to the duke’s country, as her father has invested in a trade. She is aware of her status, though, as the nobility dislikes it when their titled sons wed a merchant’s daughter. However, the notorious rake, the Earl of Camberley, is supposed to propose to the young girl of his mother’s choice. Camberley, yet, struggles to do it. Instead, he becomes drunk and finds himself in Lucy’s bedroom.


Along with these masterpieces, Margaret Bennett has written numerous novels. A good reading experience with emotion runs in the blood of The Donald Fergusson International Essay Prize winner. 

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