Best 3 College Romance Books to read in 2022

college romance books

College romance books are long works of narrative with a romance theme. According to the Romance Writers of America, the growth of a romantic relationship between two individuals must be the main subject of College romance books. Another requirement for a romance book is that it must follow an emotional gradient and culminate in a cheerful ending.

Some college romance books are sweet and innocent, while others are steamy and sexy. Some are set in the present day, while others are placed in the past or a fantasy world.

Whatever your taste, there is sure to be a college romance book that appeals to you. So why not curl up with a good book and escape into a world of love and passion?

Three best College Romance Books to read this year

The best romance books to read in 2022 will sweet romance you off your feet! Some of our favorites are listed down below:

Walking Olivia by Elizabeth O’Roark

Since he already has too many debts, Olivia Finnegan, a stunning but disturbed new transfer student, is the last thing Will Langstrom needs. A witty mouth, a compelling right hook. Furthermore, she also has a secret that could ruin her. The last person Olivia wants to help is a conceited track coach she can never manage to satisfy. Olivia is her own harshest enemy and has a past she can’t seem to escape. Will is adamant about saving her and won’t let himself be pushed away. And resolved to withstand a pull that could kill them both.

Sweet Fall by Tillie Cole

Lexington “Lexi” Hart is a senior at the University of Alabama. Everything is going precisely as she had always imagined it would, with her closest friends by her side, her loving family by her side, and her lifelong desire to join the Crimson Tide cheer squad realized. Demons loom behind Lexi’s sunny veneer, posing a threat to everything she has, undoubtedly, worked so hard to acquire.

Once more, Lexi is a victim of the single thing that can end her life, and on the way down. Later, she finds herself sliding right into a man’s tattooed, dangerous arms from the wrong side of the tracks.

 Say You Swear by Maegan Brandy

They believe that a person’s first love endures forever. But what if they leave you heartbroken and a ghost of who you once were

As the summer draws to a close and college draws near, Arianna is under pressure to make advances on her brother’s best friend as early as possible. Chase Harper would cause Arianna unimaginable anguish, and she never expected his future teammate to be so determined to put her heart back together.


Above, we have listed some of the best college romance books for you to read this year. If you are looking to get yourself a romance book to read, we hope that we have made your options clear.

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