The Earl’s Inc...


She’s fleeing an abusive guardian.
He wants to escape London’s Marriage Mart.
With a chance encounter on a lonely road, she becomes his maid.

Fleeing an abusive guardian, Thalia encounters an Earl on a lonely road, who offers her a position as a housemaid at his country estate. But Thalia’s the daughter of a wealthy Viscount and has led a privileged life, and finds the life of a servant more challenging than she expected.

Playing the role of a good Samaritan, Simon, the Earl of Chedworth, takes up the rain drenched young woman on his way to his estate. When weather forces them to stop at an inn, he’s appalled to find she’s been beaten. Even though she’s secretive about her circumstances, it’s obvious she’s a nobleman’s daughter. When he learns she’s seeking employment as a domestic servant, he offers her a position as a maid at Chedworth Hall.

But Thalia’s domestic incompetence soon turns the efficiently run Hall into chaos, even unsettling Simon’s heart. When her guardian shows up, Simon is determined to protect Thalia from harm. Only she has other plans.

So how hard can a maid’s job be?


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